After waking up this morning, my gorgeous children brought me homemade cards, and the gifts my husband had picked out. All of it was exactly what I wanted – my family and their thoughtfulness. My mother is coming via airplane to visit in a few hours. I get to spend a few hours at work […]


From the week before Thanksgiving until Epiphany, I’m probably at my highest level of happiness. It’s the sum of having vacation time + my birthday + the Macy’s parade + Christmas decorations + cool weather + kids’ excitement + Jesus’ birthday + candlelight + pie + the TREE + wrapping paper + Elf + White […]


I loved turning 30. I was excited about entering a new decade and had this sense that I’d inherit a legitimacy of adulthood that comes with exiting one’s twenties. I’d hit major milestones in my twenties – graduated college, got married, had a kid. Thirty felt good. It felt right. Thirty-five feels significantly different, and […]