I loved turning 30. I was excited about entering a new decade and had this sense that I’d inherit a legitimacy of adulthood that comes with exiting one’s twenties. I’d hit major milestones in my twenties – graduated college, got married, had a kid. Thirty felt good. It felt right.

Thirty-five feels significantly different, and I’m wondering why. I feel every bit of these five years. Whether that’s because we added another kid or just general decline, I don’t know.

When I was a kid, 35 was the age at which my mother said I could do anything I wanted. So I can’t just let this year go by without doing something. I’ll be chronicling the stuff I do here in this space. It’ll be words, pictures, challenges, reblogs, and I might even share my feeeeeelings. Gross, right?

(And while I do enjoy comments, I refuse to tie my blog’s purpose and worth to them. I’ve done that before and I didn’t like how it shaped my blogging habits.  So comment, or not – but I’m still gonna do whatever it is I’m gonna do.)


One thought on “start.

Comments are wonderful, but the sun doesn't rise and set upon them. Share your thoughts, or merely ponder them in your heart. I'm glad you're here, either way.

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