From the week before Thanksgiving until Epiphany, I’m probably at my highest level of happiness. It’s the sum of having vacation time + my birthday + the Macy’s parade + Christmas decorations + cool weather + kids’ excitement + Jesus’ birthday + candlelight + pie + the TREE + wrapping paper + Elf + White Christmas + Christmas Vacation… yeah.

For instance, Son is home from school this week, and we’ve spent the morning doing our Thanksgiving shopping, hitting up the library, and now we’re watching Elf. I can’t imagine a better mood to be in. Tomorrow we’ll clean, plus I’ve got to do a couple hours of work. Wednesday is pre-cooking day. Thursday is (obvs) the parade and then the big dinner. Friday is visit a park and decorate the house day.

{This is sort of a silly filler post, I know. But if I don’t celebrate it when it happens, I won’t remember in the height of summer when I’ve been suffering from my reverse-seasonal-affective disorder and am a mess.}


One thought on “hap-hap-happiest

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