2012 by the numbers: 2:  fish that lived and died in our house 1,175:  dollars raised for world hunger which then resulted in me dying my hair red 20:  weight, in pounds, of the cast iron stove grate that fell onto my big toe while cooking dinner for 100 at church 2:  times I traveled […]


My heart’s hurting for Newtown, for victims everywhere of gun violence, for people suffering with mental illness. I’ve been reading a lot since Friday night. Here are a few links to some smart, sobering, precious responses: If Not Now, When? If Not Us, Who? Insanity is Winning How To Help I Cry To You From […]


I gave us an early Christmas present. This is one of my favorite photos from our summer road trip. (Click here for more on that.)  The fish were jumping all around this dock at our Cedar Key cottage, and M was on the look-out for more action. It’s my first time getting a large print […]


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