A year ago today, at just about this time in the afternoon, my friend texted me to inform me she was pretty sure her labor had begun. She and her husband (our former neighbors) had asked me to serve as their doula for the homebirth of their first child. It was such an honor to be invited into this event. As I looked over the photos I took that night, it all came flooding back.

When I arrived that evening (because of course my daughter’s preschool Christmas concert was that same night, but K felt fine with me waiting to come over until afterwards), the hours seemed to fly by. A few minutes after 1am, right on his due date, little L was born after a pretty typical labor and slightly chaotic final pushing stage. We were all euphoric.

L’s dad made this leaf pendant and gave it to me a couple of weeks before the birth.


Every time I wear it I think of that night, of that sweet baby’s first cries, of his mother’s determination and patience, of his father’s unwavering support, of the midwife’s calm demeanor in an intense 3rd stage of labor. They were the first to trust me in my role as a doula.

And now I have one definite client due in June and a couple of other potentials.

*EDIT* Nope, TWO definite clients! Just got an email from a couple hiring me for a birth in January. 😀

Almost everyone I’ve spoken to about this passion of mine is 100% supportive, even if they don’t fully understand it, and that’s a gift in and of itself.


One thought on “gift

  1. I have another friend who is a doula. She’s also an acupuncturist and a reiki master. She may be the most self-actualized person I know. Good luck to you too!!

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