2012 by the numbers:

2:  fish that lived and died in our house

1,175:  dollars raised for world hunger which then resulted in me dying my hair red

20:  weight, in pounds, of the cast iron stove grate that fell onto my big toe while cooking dinner for 100 at church

2:  times I traveled to the very same Irish pub in Orlando to eat with visitors from far-away lands

7:  seasons of LOST re-watched

1:  new nephew

2:  airplane trips

672:  estimated number of hilarious things my children said

3,875:  approximate miles driven on my road trip

16:  states I have spent at least 1 hour in

4:  states in which I ate fresh, local corn on the cob this summer

8:  garbage bags of clothing donated

6:  inches cut from Maria’s hair

3:  repair calls made on our new-ish refrigerator

1:  President I’m glad to have helped elect

Bonus feature:
#1 favorite fiction book in 2012:  The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

#1 favorite non-fiction book read in 2012: How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran (not for the easily offended)

Saw this little friend right upon leaving the house earlier today –



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