From this: Be patient with yourself, and don’t worry if a switch doesn’t flip in you which abruptly takes you from “crippling self-doubt” to “uncompromising self-love.” Allow yourself all the trepidation and clumsy, uneven infatuation that you would with a promising stranger. Try only to be kinder, to be softer, and to remember all of […]


My heart’s hurting for Newtown, for victims everywhere of gun violence, for people suffering with mental illness. I’ve been reading a lot since Friday night. Here are a few links to some smart, sobering, precious responses: If Not Now, When? If Not Us, Who? Insanity is Winning How To Help I Cry To You From […]


After waking up this morning, my gorgeous children brought me homemade cards, and the gifts my husband had picked out. All of it was exactly what I wanted – my family and their thoughtfulness. My mother is coming via airplane to visit in a few hours. I get to spend a few hours at work […]